Deleting Files via FTP-Agent

Discussion created by Günter_Bürcky_7839 on Apr 18, 2016
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Hi everybody,


we have implemented a FTP-Agent.

So far transferring a specific file from home-server to a remote server and saving the transferred file in a separat directory on the home-server works alright..

I have problems deleting the transfered file(s) from the home-server/home-directory. Seems to be a problem of syntax. Who can give advice?

I am using the following syntax (in the RA-FTP-Register):

In the “Head-Description”

In both Host A and Host B Definitions I declared the home-server/home-directory. The contents of the directory is listed, which shows that this declaration is correct. Then I choosed the “delete/löschen” – Option.

There I selected in the box: Host the before mentioned Host B.

In the box: Datei/Verzeichnisse I discribed the directory, in which I want to delete the partly qualified file: test_*zva*.csv


After running the job I get the folowing error-message in the report-register:


2016-04-18 15:05:57            Executing command: delete /010/vertr/mboxout/aua/test_zva_20160416.csv on CONN.FTP.I.F30.FTPF30

com.uc4.ftpjob.DataTransferException: 550 /010/vertr/mboxout/aua/test_zva_20160416.csv: Not a directory.


I do not understand why the program lists the filename I actually want to delete:

delete /010/vertr/mboxout/aua/test_zva_20160416.csv

but says: ….. Not a directory.


Of course this is not a directory, it is a file!


Question: What would be the correct command-syntax to delete a file?


Hints are very well appreciated.


Sincerely guenter