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How to set authorizations for a client to a host using the UC4 API?

Question asked by d8a6cecdcd492f7750c693c1e9f4541a on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by brendan_sapience_automic

I am trying to set Authorizations for a client to a Host using the UC4 API using the setHostAuthorization(int client, boolean read, boolean write, boolean execute) method and I can see that the authorizations are changing for the client in the auth object. But, when I save it, it does not seem to get updated in the actual host in client 0.


Here is the code  : 

UC4HostName lxb101hostName =newUC4HostName("AE-QA-LXB101");

OpenObject lxb101hostObject =newOpenObject(lxb101hostName);


Host lxb101Host =newHost();

lxb101Host = (Host) lxb101hostObject.getUC4Object();

Authorizations auth = lxb101Host.authorizations();

booleanauthStatus = auth.setHostAuthorization(client,true,true,true);

SaveObject save1 =newSaveObject(lxb101Host);

String msg1 = engine.send(save1);

System.out.println("Status of authorizations is " + authStatus);

msg1 += engine.send(new  CloseObject(lxb101Host));


Here is the code for send()

publicString send(XMLRequest req)throwsIOException {


       if(req.getMessageBox() !=null) {



            String msg = req.getMessageBox().getText();


        } else{

              return" ";





Do I need to send anything else?


As an alternate approach, I also tried doing the same using SetHostAuthorizations. When I run this, I get the error/message - “Runtime error in object ' ', line '&02'. No select statement open - read invalid”and successCount and failureCount are 0. I think I would prefer the second approach because it lets me change it across a whole list of hosts. Can you give me some pointers on why I am getting the error with the second approach?


SetHostAuthorizations setAuth = new SetHostAuthorizations("AE*", client, true, true, true);

String msg = engine.send(setAuth);

int successCount = setAuth.getUpdateCount();

int failureCount = setAuth.getFailedCount();