How to create the RA OracleRetail agent and its connection objects for a 2nd installation?

Discussion created by AdrianaConstantinescu612312 on Apr 25, 2016
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We are using Automic 11.1.1 with RA Oracle Retail Solution 1.1.0
I installed a second RA Oracle Retail agent in DEV Environment on a second linux server.
We want to use RA OracleRetail AgentGroup for the scenario when one server is down the schedules to be able to be executed on the second server available.
Using client 0 UserInterface to create the connection for new agent, I can see the new connection object created it is still connecting to the first RA OracleRetail agent.
We are using Oracle RAC Connect String for both connection objects.
Trying to create the RA OracleRetail agent, in Oracle Retail Tab - I cannot choose the JDBC login for the new connection object.

It is something what I'm missing?
Please advise us.

Thank you for your answers,