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Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on May 4, 2016
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I’m configuring and packaging the ONE Automation User Interface for the several hundred people who will use the program within the company. I have several goals with this effort:
  1. Provide a separate configuration of the UI for each of our Automation Engine systems — in other words, oneUI app for each environment(DEV, TEST, PROD).
  2. Configure the UI’s F1 help system so that it loadsdocumentation on docs.automic.com.
  3. Package the app so that it can be run through Microsoft App-V but still store user-specific configuration information and other data under the user’s home directory.
I configured the UI’s ucdj.ini file to load the uc4config.xml file in the application directory, but to load/save the login_dat.xml in the user’s %TEMP% directory. This works very well.

I am working on finding the best way to make the UI load the documentation file uc4_CSH.htm in a path relative to the application directory. I tried something like this:
        <docu type="hh">../docu</docu>
It works when the app is run locally, but fails when the app is run via App-V. The ".." parent directory path is resolved in such a way that it contains spaces, and the web browser interprets the request to open the file as several separate requests instead of a single contiguous one. I’m going to try enclosing the path in double quotation marks:
        <docu type="hh">"../docu"</docu>
I think that might fix the problem, and will provide an update here when I have had a chance to test it.

Next, I have a bit of a challenge. I would like to be able to configure the UI so that it writes logs and traces to a subdirectory of the user’s %TEMP% directory. This way, each user’s UI logs and traces would be stored persistently, and in a common location regardless of on what computer the user runs the UI. I have found no way however to use any sort of variable like %TEMP% in the specification of the locations for logs and traces.
        <logging count="10">../temp/UCDJ_LOG_##.TXT</logging>
        <trace count="10" xml="0" tcp="0" ra="0">../temp/UCDJ_TRC_##.TXT</trace>
Any ideas?