Hard limit for JCL lines?

Discussion created by Michael_Coxson_5769 on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Mark_Hadler_430
I am working on a Job to generate a Schedule object using a defined time period and increment using JCL and minimal ksh.  I am currently doing this by writing an .xml file and cat'ing into the file a number of "task Lnr"s equal to how often the schedule should occur and then importing the .xml via JCL.  This is working perfectly if I use a small time frame or number of scheduled occurrences, but if I increase the scheduled rate I encounter this error:

U00020386 Runtime error in object '************', line '00228': To many JCL Lines generated. Max. allowed are '0000001000'.

The large part of the Process is primarily plaintext that is being passed into the .xml file via shellscript, but I assume that it is being counted against this JCL line limit.  Is there any way to increase this limit or do I need to work on a work-around (pre-generating the .xml in another process and modifying the lines via stream edit or something similar)?