Issue in executing Unix shell script from UC4

Discussion created by KumarRahul605332 on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by laura_albrecht_automic
Hi All,

We are trying to execute unix shell script by using the below command in process tab.
sh /infoa2/stg/bin/MEX_MDMIG/mex_balam_uc4_on_demand.ksh

But the job returns the error
/infoa2/stg/bin/MEX_MDMIG/mex_balam_uc4_on_demand.ksh:  not found

The script runs fine if execute directly in the target system using the same command line.

However, when we execute the script by removing the sh prefix in the command then it gets executed in UC4. 
Can you please point out what are we doing wrong. We are using UC4 ver. 9.

Thanks and Regards,