Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Discussion created by Sajith_Bin_Abdul_Majeed_8003 on May 24, 2016
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I want to check if Automic provides the continuous Delivery Pipeline visualization starting from the Source Code control until Prod deployment. We are aware that automic supports deployment pipeline, however our clients want the visualization with approval check points to perform continuous delivery of our release cycle. Please let me know if we can acheive this in Automic. Currently we are upgrading our version to V11.

What we are trying to acheive is the below flow and our stakeholders should be able to visualize this through a Web interface as Jenkins supports its pipeline currently.

We already have our deployments set up in Automic and hence want to explore if we could acheive our CD pipeline through automic itself.

Continuous Delivery Flow.

Source Control Polling -> Kick off BUILD on Jenkins as a commit is detected -> Deploy the code once the code is built & published -> Trigger Sellenium tests in Jenkins -> Manual Approval Checkpoint -> Trigger deployment to STAGE -> Trigger Sellenium tests in Jenkins for STAGE -> Manual Approval Checkpoint -> Trigger deployment to PROD

Please update ASAP.

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