Return Status Code of 0

Discussion created by JohnO'Mullane on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by JohnO'Mullane
Hi all,
I'm trying to write a little script that will alert me when I have Jobs which are trying to run but who's agent is down.
I know that the status of these Jobs is "Waiting for Host". The status Code for this is 1696.

I'm use a SQL variable that will query the AH table looking for Job with Status = '1696'
This has worked for me in my testing so far but I'm seeing an issue today.

I killed one of my agents, and then executed some Jobs that use this agent.
I can see in Activities that the Jobs have Status of "Waiting for Host", but when I query the 
AH table, the status is showing 0 for that job execution.

Anyone out there any idea why this might be or what status of 0 means?