Replace static variable value during transport

Discussion created by Tyler_Auerbeck_8064 on Jun 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2016 by Michael_Lowry
I'm looking for the appropriate value to put in mappings.txt that will allow me to replace the value of a string with another when I transport between clients.

For example, I have a static vara that looks like the following
        Key=Environment, Value=Server1

In the mappings.txt file I would like it Server1 to be replaced by Server2

So in the mappings.txt file I tried something like :
        REPLACE VARA, *, VALUE, "Server1", "Server2"
        REPLACE VARA, *, *, "Server1", "Server2"

But neither of these seem to be working. Is it possible to do this during transport? Or do you have to manually replace the values in a variable after a transport?