How to create processing window schedule

Discussion created by Jeff_Cook_7527 on Jun 10, 2016
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I have an event that checks for a file to arrive every 15 minutes.  I need to give this event a processing window (or non-processing window) that keeps it from running from 10pm Thursday to 10pm Friday every week.  The calendar object has a lowest grain of daily, not time of day.  I'm not sure if I could incorporate the schedule object for certain times of day for certain days of the week.  I saw one suggestion in a forum that included having it start when the file arrives then determining in the workflow if it was an acceptable time to run and if not, have it skip processing and exit normally.  I suppose I could do that, but it seems unnecessary to create workflow and event statistics every 15 minutes during the non-processing window every week when the event really shouldn't be running.  Any other suggestions about the best way to handle this in Automic?