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How Do You Pass a Date in a RESTful Web Service GET Message

Question asked by Howard_Higgins_6093 on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by Howard_Higgins_6093

Does anyone know how to pass a date value as a parameter into the Message part of an Automic RESTful service?

I wish to use the GET Method

For example:
URL endpoint: hostname:2182/
Method: GET
Message: restapp/date/{date_token}   (date exmaple: 20160615  - Todays date formatted as YYYYMMDD)

The final Message-part should look something like restapp/date/20160616 - it should always be today's date.

How do I pass a valid date as "YYYYMMDD" into the Query Parameter the Automic RA JOBS object?
or, is this better done in the Header part?

Parameter: date_token
Value: {system_date_token_YYYYMMDD}

The above Parameter/Value are probably not correct below as am not clear on what they are called

Many thanks,