Problems with AE DB Change program (ucybchng)

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Below is a list of the problems we have encoutered with the AE DB change program (ucybchng) since v11.2.1.

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Impact / Work-around




ucybchng   fails to make changes for OBJECT_USE rules.


Impact:   Broken references in deployed objects
Work-around for JSCH & JOBP child tasks: add TASK_NAME   rule
Work-around for other object uses: none.

Fixed in 11.2.2



ucybchng crashes with SCRIPT   rules with differing value lengths when run in conjunction with OBJECT_NAME, TASK_NAME,   or other SCRIPT rules.


Impact: Must run each SCRIPT   rule on its own
Work-around: Run SCRIPT rule changes separately from other changes.

Fixed in 11.2.2



ucybchng adds blank lines to   transport case (causes ucybdbld to fail during load of file).


Impact: Must make direct   changes to transport case file
Work-around: Remove blank lines from transport case before   loading it.

Fixed in 11.2.2



ucybchng crashes with   segmentation fault if old value in FOLDER_NAME rule is blank.


Impact: Minimal.
  Work-around: Ensure that rules do not have blank values.

Fixed in 11.2.3 2016.10.31



ucybchng   fails to make changes for VALUE: rules.
(Note: may also affect CVALUE:, and JPCVALUE: rules.)


Impact:   Incorrect values in deployed objects
Work-around:Set values in pre-process using :PUT_ATT.

Fixed in 11.2.3 2016.10.31



ucybchng applies *SCRIPT rules   indiscriminately to all scripting tabs.


Impact: Incorrect or duplicate changes in deployed   objects
Work-around:Use only one SCRIPT rule.

Fixed in 11.2.3 2016.10.31
PRB00120872ucybchng does not update task aliases of external dependencies in workflowsImpact: cosmetic only; task aliases incorrect
Work-around: NA.
Not a problem
PRB00120983Blank field substituted by a vertical bar when loading a transport case or XML file
Impact: Invalid value stored in AE DB
Work-around: Do not import files with blank fields.
Fixed in 11.2.5
PRB00133253ucybchng REPLACE_PART silently deletes some script lines
Impact: Deleted data
Work-around: None.
Fixed in 11.2.5
PRB00130685ucybchng cannot make more than one change to the same fieldImpact: Incorrect data
Work-around: Make only one change per attribute.
Fixed in 11.2.5
PRB00133894ucybchng crashes with RC 134 upon encountering certain lines
Impact: crash of change program
Work-around: NA
Fixed in 11.2.6, 12.0.3, & 12.1.0.
ucybchng does not update host names in task conditionsImpact: Incorrect host names in task conditions
Work-around: Use agent groups instead.
To be fixed in 11.2.6, 12.0.3, & 12.1.0.
ucybchng deletes script lines if SCRIPT rule has blank 'old' valueImpact: Deleted data
Work-around: Ensure old value is not blank.
Fixed in 11.2.6, 12.0.4, & 12.1.
To be fixed in 12.2.
ucybchng REPLACE_PART deletes script lines if old value and new value are the same
Impact: Deleted data
Work-around: Change to different value & then change back. Or, if possible, use v11.2.3 (unaffected by this bug).
Fixed in 11.2.6, 12.0.4, & 12.1.
To be fixed in 12.2.
ucybchng v12.0.3 fails to make some OBJECT_NAME changesImpact: Broken object references
Work-around: None
Same root cause as PRB00139013.
ucybchng v12.0.3 fails to make many CVALUE & JPCVALUE changes
Impact: Broken object references
Work-around: None
Fixed in 12.0.4.
To be fixed in 12.2, 12.1.1, & 11.2.7
ucybchng deletes task-level prompt set defaults
Impact: Missing PRPT defaults
Work-around: None
Fixed in 11.2.6 & 12.0.4.
To be fixed in 12.2 & 12.1.1
ucybchng calculates incorrect bytecounts for values containing backslashes.
Impact: Truncated data
Work-around: Unknown
Fixed in 12.0.4.
To be fixed in 12.2, 12.1.1, & 11.2.7
DB Change Utility invalidly changes some values to upper case characters.
Impact: Incorrect file path names in file transfer jobs
Work-around: Use variables in file name fields.
Fixed in 12.0.4.
To be fixed in 12.2, & 12.1.1.

Planned release dates

  • Automation Engine 12.2.0: 2018-06-19
  • Automation Engine 12.1.1: 2018-01-29
  • Automation Engine 12.0.4: 2018-01-15 –released.
  • Automation Engine 11.2.7: 2018-02-26

Revision history

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