SAP BW jobs are long running in UC4 while the actual BW jobs in SAP finished already.

Discussion created by WimonchaiW. on Jun 21, 2016
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Does anyone has a problem that the SAP BW jobs are long running in UC4 , however when checked in the SAP, the BW jobs finished successfully?

Looks like the end status does not received by the UC4 SAP agent. Not every jobs have this problem. It may happen to some jobs and some times. When it happened, I need to cancel the jobs manually and also restarted the SAP agent. Otherwise , I could not restart the cancelled job. It will raise the error something like:


U2004131 Process chain 'aaaaaa' is already in process through UC4 RunID '209963878'



Automation Engine version: 10.0.7

SAP Agent version: 10.0.7

Please suggest and thank you for your answers.