Send mail with option agent & login object

Discussion created by MladenStankovic on Jun 23, 2016
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If my understanding is correct now in v11 we can choose between AE and another agent when we need to send an a email. 

Syntax is:
SEND_MAIL(Receiver, [Cc], Subject, Text, [Attachment],[Agent, Login Object] | [_SERVER, _DEFAULT])

I have created script object with following content:
:SET &MAIL# = SEND_MAIL("my_email_addres ",,"Subject","Text",,"KAAPP","AUTOMIC.LOGIN")

I get the following error:
Runtime error in object 'SCRI.NEW.1', line '00001'. Login object 'AUTOMIC.LOGIN' not found or no login information for this platform or host ('MAIL', '*').

I have check more than once for host name KAAPP in AUTOMIC.LOGIN object. I tried them both in another script and everything works fine.

Does anybody have idea what i'm doing wrong?