Activating WP traces in the ini-file and deactivating them in the GUI

Discussion created by Claus_Jambrich_5663 on Jun 28, 2016
Traces for the WPs can be activated in two ways. The "normal" way is via the GUI. You go to System Overview, open one WP's properties and change the trace flags. If you want to e.g. trace the startup of a WP, you can activate the traces in the ucsrv.ini by changing the values for the trace flags in section [TRACE].
But you can also combine that. Think about the following scenario:
  • Activate traces in the ini-File.
  • Start one WP and one CP. For WP001 and CP001 traces files will be created.
  • Open the GUI.
  • Deactivate the traces for WP and CP in the System Overview.
  • Now start a second WP and CP. As the ini-file still has the trace flags unequal zero, trace files for WP002 and CP002 will be created.
  • Now open the properties of CP002. They show the trace flags as set in the ucsrv.ini. And you can set them back to 0 here to deactivate tracing for CP002.
  • But if you open the properties of WP002, the show 0 for all trace flags. The reason is, that for the WPs, the trace flags are taken from the PWP and not from the single WP.
It seems now, you cannot deactivate traces for WP002, as the flags show 0 and the WP002 is still writing traces. But with a little intermediate step it can be done. You have to activate a trace flag (any will do), and then deactivate it again.