Tasks' processing - how are they prioritized ?

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Jun 28, 2016

This post gathers a few excerpts taken from the documentation, that should give an overview of how priorities influence the order of task processing.

Bottom line is : where can I adjust the priority, and what effect will it have ?

> In the client: Clients of a higher priority are always given priority to clients of a lower priority regardless of the order in which the messages were originally sent.

> In the queue where the task belongs: The Queue's priority is checked before the task's priority. In the case that two tasks have the same Queue priority, the task's priority is used.

> In the task itself : the priority specified for tasks influences the starting order of tasks that are in a waiting condition. The task with the highest priority is started first.


> Exceptions : you may want to alter a task's priority during a specified period. This can be done by adjusting the queue's attributes > exceptions. You may use a calendar if this should be done only on given days.


> Change a task's priority directly from the Activity window :  use the command Modify AE priority in the context menu. The value specified in here is then valid for this particular execution! If the task is started again, the previously defined priority applies.


You may refer to this page for more details.