ECC: Using a widget to monitor activity window

Discussion created by Ian_Geglia_179 on Jul 1, 2016
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We offer several types of widgets to monitor the activity window. Below are the two most relevant widgets to use for this:

Process Monitoring:
The Process Monitoring widget displays the tasks overview for all tasks in the queues that you have read permission for.
For each task, you see the task name, the user who started it and the current status. To open the task details, click its name. Click the arrow to the LEFT of a task to see its subordinate tasks. For a task at any level, click the related icon to the RIGHT of the task to open the Workflow Monitor for the task itself or, if there is one, its parent task.To choose the columns for the table, click the down-arrow button to the right of the column headers, and then click to select or deselect column names.
SETTING OPTIONS: The widget title, the refresh frequency and filters. Filter options include the queue names, task names (wildcards ? and * are allowed), job types, and execution statuses.

The Activities widget shows unfinished runs of tasks that you have started.
The most recently started run appears at the top. For each run, the start time of the run, the object name and title (if available) of the related task, the estimated finish time and the current status is displayed. To open a task and a tab with its statistics, click its row. Tasks remain on the list unless they are deactivated. You can filter the list see only tasks of one status.
SETTING OPTIONS: The widget title, the default filter status and the refresh frequency.