Pete Wirfs

Use of "FINALLY block" in workflow preconditions and postconditions

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by joel_wiesmann_automic
We've discovered that using the "FINALLY block" action in a precondition rule is not restartable.  It blocks the job before it begins, so there is no run object for it to restart.  But I thought I would ask if anyone knows of a graceful way to restart a process that hits a "FINALLY block" action in a precondition?

 I wrote this query to identify all of our precondition "FINALLY block" rules and we plan to re-engineer them so our solutions will be restartable;
select distinct oh_name, jppo_jpp_lnr as task#
from uc4.dbo.OH a
inner join uc4.dbo.JPPO b on a.OH_IDNR=b.jppo_oh_idnr
inner join uc4.dbo.jpov c on a.oh_idnr = c.jpov_oh_idnr and b.JPPO_JPP_Lnr = c.JPOV_JPP_Lnr and b.jppo_lnr = c.JPOV_JPPO_Lnr
where a.OH_DELETEFLAG=0 and a.OH_REFIDNR=0
and jppo_carname = 'BLOCK' and JPOV_Location = 1
order by 1, 2;