Automation Engine - beginner (unofficial) update guide for Windows

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Here is a quick guide that lists steps to upgrade an Automation Engine. It can be used either to deploy a service pack or move to a newer major version.

DISCLAIMER : Please note this is not the official update installation guide. The idea is just to give you a quick summary of the necessary steps. For more details please refer to the procedure located here

1 – Download full image from :

  •  Go to Downloads > Advanced Modeyazcc1r02ukg.png
  • Select “Automation Engine” in component field and choose a version.kgpacgtf4ls0.png
  • Click on the orange link on the right side. The download begins.

2 – Install utilities from the newer version.
  • They are located in folder <version>\Utility\<OS>\<processor_type> - e.g. Automation.Engine_Image_10_0_16-05-04-1\10\Utility\windows\x64
  •  Copy all the contents of this directory (except ini files) and paste it in the already existing Utility\bin directory to update the binaries.

3 – Stop your Automation Engine server processes with the Service Manager Dialog

  • Select all server processes : CPs, WPs, PWPs, DWPs while holding the shift key
  • Right-click and choose End service > Shutdown (UC4 System) in the context menu
bksv5t2ywq08.pngCaution : this will stop the processing of all tasks and disconnect all agents ! Make sure to plan a downtime before doing so.


4 – Make a backup copy of your Automation Engine database

This is a security measure to allow a rollback in case of issues during the upgrade process. Please contact your DBA to perform this task.

5 – Update the initial data with DB Load utility

  • Copy the contents of <Image_Name>\10\db (e.g. Automation.Engine_Image_10_0_16-05-04-1\10\db) to the folder where utilities reside -  for instance C:\Automic\Utility\db
  •  Start the DB Load Utility in graphical mode
  • Look for ‘UC_UPD.TXT’ in folder <utility>\db\general\<version> - e.g. c:\Automic\utility\db\general\10.0 and press ‘Open’.


  • Wait until the loading process has completed.

6 – Install new binaries

From the image, copy the contents of folder AutomationEngine\<OS>\<processor type> to the place where your current Automation Engine binaries reside – e.g. C:\Automic\AutomationEngine\bin. Overwrite everything except the ucsrv.ini file.

7 -  Restart the server

From the Service Manager Dialog, start one WP in COLD mode : right-click on one WP in the list and choose Start Service with > Coldstart.


  • It’s important to start one WP before starting any CP, otherwise it will fail.
  • You can bring up all other server processes afterwards.

Conclusion :

This document is just a summary of how an Automation Engine upgrade can be performed in a Windows environment, with graphical version of the DB load utility.

Here are a few links related to the upgrade procedure, taken from the documentation :

Updating an AE system–basics :

Updating an AE System – Details :

Other components like user interfaces and agents should be updated separately.