Version 10.0.8 DB-Change Utility of version 10.0.8 returns U0021437 Error Messages

Discussion created by Pascal_Osthus-bugat_1753 on Jul 12, 2016

After an Upgrade of One Automation platform to version 10.0.8, the DBChanger tool runs with error when values contains specific characters. Following error messages are listed in the log file:

 U0021437 Line '3': An attempt was made to define a new value 'ARBE.....\....NTRAL\.....\BCW\....199' for the attribute 'FOLDER_NAME' with invalid characters (Valid characters: A-Z, 0-9, $, @, _,- , ., #). Processing is canceled.

This problem is due to a modifications concerning the handling of invalid characters, alls introduced in 10.0.8.

Workaround: As long as no additional utility release will be issued for version 10, the workaround will consist in using the DB-Change Tool of version 10.0.6 which works perfectly with OneAutmation 10.0.8.