Creating a New Client

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Jul 12, 2016
Scenario:  Non-production environment contains a DEV and QA, which are on client X and client Y, respectively.

Goal:  Create a new client for UAT, client Z.

Is it required to have a separate license for this?  Or can it be configured into the existing non-production environment?
No, a separate license is not needed because UAT is considered a non-production license category. And yes, it can be configured into the existing non-production environment.

Note:  It is not recommended to put your UAT in the same non-production environment as your DEV and QA because in the event something goes wrong in a testing process, it may affect the whole environment that could render DEV and QA inaccessible.  It is best to isolate them so it doesn't affect all the non-production environment.
How to create a new client?

1. In Client 0, create a new Object > Client

The object will disappear once it is given a name.

2. Create a new user in Client 0 > Enter user information and credentials > select the LDAP box, if applicable > right-click then select on 'move user to client…' > enter the client number created in step 1.

The new client should show up when selecting Connections > New Connection.