How to create a Basic Workflow

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Jul 13, 2016

A workflow object allows you connect individual tasks and execute them in a single process. Using workflows also allows you to setup dependencies and conditions between tasks. Below is a simple walk-through for creating your first workflow. In this workflow, one job (Job 2) will execute after the successful completion of a separate job (Job 1).

1)      Create a workflow object (JOBP Object).



2)      Open the workflow object and select the “workflow” tab.


3)      On this tab you should see a diagram of the workflow with a “START” and “END” block.



4)      Click and drag Job 1 and Job 2 into the workflow diagram.



5)      In the Workflow tab, select the “Line Tool” (this is a toggle and can be clicked on or off).


6)      While the Line Tool is on, connect each of the objects in the workflow by clicking each block then clicking the block directly next to it from left to right. It takes 2 clicks to create one line, the first click should be on the object you want executed first between the 2 objects.



7)      Ensure the Line Tool toggle is clicked to off and no longer highlighted in blue, save your changes to the workflow by clicking “Save” in the top left corner of the workflow.


The basic workflow is now completed! You can execute this workflow and see that Job 2 will begin once Job 1 has ended. 

Here is a link to more documentation on workflows and creating conditions and dependencies: