How to activate a job in a different client through callAPI

Discussion created by Christine_Chavez_6412 on Jul 14, 2016
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*This is assuming you understand what callAPI is and you have it setup
*This is a simple example. You can test/create a more complex setup and script.
CallAPI documentaton can be found here:

While objects are restricted within the client it's created on, there is a way to activate (and more) a job that is in another client. Here's a simple test that you can do:

1) on client 200, create a job  (eg: windows job JOBS.WIN.200)
2) create a text file that activates JOBS.WIN.200 (eg: script.txt)
:set &VAR# = activate_uc_Object(JOBS.WIN.200)

3) on client 100, create a job (eg: windows job JOBS.WIN.CALLAPI) that will call script.txt via callAPI

Note: UCXBXXXC SCRIPT={path and name of the script file}  LOGON={client, user, department, password  INI=ini file}

If you have updated ucxbxxxc.ini with the client, user, password, etc then you can skip the LOGON and just use:

4) check if the job in client 100 ended_ok
5) check if the job in client 200 was triggered and ENDED_OK. The job JOBS.WIN.200 should now have at least one entry in the Statistics window.