FTP error sending file to TIBCO software

Discussion created by SharonOlson609611 on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by joel_wiesmann_automic
Has anyone encountered this error message. This filetransfer runs once a day and started 5/11/16, it has failed 3 times with this error. They try and rerun and it fails with 'Already transferred'. If we restart with 'Transfer all new' it works. 
We did read about changing the ini file to N for temp files, but don't know how that will affect the rest of the transfers that work fine. 
Just wondering if there is something we can try for a permanent fix. Thank you.

2016-07-18 20:02:21 - U0011124 Selection started with filter 'E:\FILENAME_*.csv' ...
2016-07-18 20:02:22 - U0011125   'E:\FILENAME_20160718_200114.csv'
2016-07-18 20:02:22 - U0011126 Files selected: '1'.
2016-07-18 20:02:22 - U0011134 ERROR '0' bytes, incorrect transfer of '0' records for file 'E:\FILENAME_20160718_200114.csv'->'E:\FILENAME_20160718_200114.csv'. Duration  '00:00:00'.
2016-07-18 20:02:22 - U0063039 FT '540315993': The temporary file 'E:\FILENAME\1JC9I09_0.tmp' cannot be renamed to destination file 'E:\FILENAME_20160718_200114.csv'. Error: '32 - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.'.
2016-07-18 20:02:23 - U0011409 FT '540315993': FileTransfer ended abnormally.