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Q : Who should I ask to provide a New, Temporary or Trial license?

A : The preferred way is to contact your account manager and ask him to provide it. 

Q : Where do I see my available licenses ?

A: Go to System Overview > license.


Q : What do the platform abbreviations mean?

A : The complete list is availablehere. For instance 'EX' stands for 'executor' as this is how agents used to be called before version 8.

Q : What does 'Class' stand for ?

A: 'S' is for agents installed on the AE server, 'V' for virtual, and numbers are dependent upon the CPU.

Q: Where do I set the agent's license class?

A: In the [GLOBAL] section of the agent's ini file.


Q: Where do I set an agent's category ?

A: Connect to Client 0, then edit the agent from System Overview > Agent > Attributes tab.


Q: How can I know if I have licenses left for a given platform / class / category  ?

A : This can be done quite easily with csv exports.

1 - Export the license list to a csv file : fromLicenseview, right click in the right part of the window and choose 'Export to file'.


2 - Repeat the same process in theAgentsview.


3 - Open both files in Excel, select all cells and add a Filter.


4 - With those filters, it becomes really easy to determine which licenses are used. Let's say I want to know when my Windows agent's class V licenses will expire. After applying the below filers to 'platform' and 'class' columns:

awpf7exa7ne8.jpg   wqqraqm8yhfu.jpg

I will get this line as a result:


The same principle can be applied to hostlist.csv, for instance to retrieve Unix agents that are using a class V license:


Hope you like this post . Please feel free to react and don't hesitate to post your license-related questions.