3 reasons why the Service Manager Dialog's window can be empty

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You may face this error where the Service Manager Dialog contains no entry.

There are several possible causes, but it's most likely occurring because the Service Manager is not running on the default port or because it was not installed with a phrase.

1 - The Service Manager is not running on the default port (8871).

> Check the 'port=' line in ucybsmgr.ini.
> If it's different than 8871, then type in <IP or hostname>:<port> in the 'Computer Name' field of the Service Manager dialog and hit the tab key.

2 - The Service Manager was not installed / started with a phrase.

The phrase usually refers to the system name, which can be found in ucsrv.ini "system=".

A/ Installing the Service Manager with a phrase on Windows
Just run this command :
UCYBSMGR[.EXE] -install Phrase [-iPath and name of the INI file]                    

B/ Starting the Service Manager with a phrase on Unix/Linux
Run this command :
nohup ./ucybsmgr [-iPath and Name of the INI file]  Phrase &

3 -The .smd and .smc files do not have the standard names

The SMgr's ini file refers to different files than UC4.smd and UC4.smd in its [Destination uc4] section.

For instance 'AUTOMIC.smd' and 'AUTOMIC.smc'

[Destination UC4]
You have to ensure that these files do exist.