Create reports by using Reporting Tool Utility

Discussion created by AdrianaConstantinescu612312 on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by Timothy_Dodd_84
Hi All,

I want to use the Utility - Reporting Tool, to create reports with status, runtime of jobs which have been run in Automic.
I already have the SQL query.
How can I create the report in GUI which is using this query?  (in fact the xml file in queries folder)
Can you provide steps or screenshots?
The Reporting Tool GUI is showing a group of 5 digits number with the question mark in the end (see attached the screenshot).
This fact is shown when I have executed the jar ucyrepg.
How could I correct the GUI appearance?
I already tried by running the executable file ucyrepg, but I got error - we do not have installed a 32-bit Microsoft Visual C-Runtime Library.



Thank you,