Parameter SwitchToEffUser for PREP_PROCESS_FILENAME on AIX

Discussion created by Claus_Jambrich_5663 on Aug 1, 2016
After the upgrade to one of the latest V10 versions (SP6 and above), some customers ran into the following issue on AIX. If they use files events or PREP_PROCESS_FILENAME, they receive errors like:
U2003041 Invalid 'access' call, file name 'filename'. Error code: ('13' - 'Permission denied')
Though it was working in the older Version and the user rights are correct for these directories.

The problem can be solved by using the parameter SwitchToEffUser in the ini-file of the affected agent. It is found in section MISC. Set it to yes:
This parameter isn't in the documentation yet, but as the name of the parameter suggests, it causes the job to use effective user rights for the job / event.