Automic Agent Installation on windows server

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Aug 3, 2016
We have a requirement to install the Automic agent (FTP_RA and OS agent)  on windows server.

Here is the procedure:
First, create an additional folder in your Automic/Agents directory (RapidAutomation, for example). You will want to install to this directory, so do not put the initial download files here.

Obtain the RA FTP solution from the download center:

Obtain the Agent RA Core:

Once you have obtained these files, unzip them and run the "Setup.exe" file contained in the Core/windows/x86/ directory. Install the files to the RapidAutomation directory that was created at the beginning. After installation has completed, go into the RapidAutomation directory and edit the ucxjcitx.ini file – you will need to change the name= and system= lines to reflect your company's naming conventions and Automic system name. Save and exit the .ini file.

Afterwards, you will need to load the RA Solution's .jar file. Use the Utility DB Load (ucybdbldg.exe) to perform this.

Log into your Client 0 and create a new Agent Object (New object… -> Agent -> FTPAGENT). The name for this Agent will need to precisely match the name you specified in the Agent's .ini file earlier. Once you have named the Agent, assign it to the appropriate Clients via the Authorizations tab. Ensure that the License Category under the Attributes tab correctly reflects the license you wish to use with this Agent.

Create any connection objects that you will need to connect to various machines via New object… -> CONN -> FTPAGENT -> FTPCONNECTION in the client(s) that you will need the jobs created in. As a reference for starting your newly created Agent, our documentation provides some guidelines:

Administration Guide -> Installation -> New Installation -> Installation Procedure -> Installing the Agents -> Installing the Agent for Rapid Automation -> Section 5 (page 452 of the pdf guide)

Your Agent should be fully set up and configured at this point, ready for jobs to be run against it.