U0021163 - The Calendar has not yet been (re)calculated !

Discussion created by Joseph_Corbin_7226 on Aug 3, 2016
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U0021163 - The Calendar has not yet been (re)calculated ! Calendar not usable because its re-calculation has not yet been activated.
U0062033 Warning: calendar 'DUMMY_VARIABLE', keyword 'DUMMY_VARIABLE', client 'DUMMY_VARIABLE' - validity period ('2016-1-1' - '2018-12-31')

The aforementioned errors are alert messages that the scope for a calendar may lie outside the calculation period.This message occurs when the current recalculation for the calendar is for a time-frame that is shorter than the one that was recalculated before or if the calendar keywords have expired past their validity period. For example, if initially the calendar has a time-frame of 4 years then the day after it is recalculated for 2 years.  The prior entries between the second and fourth years will be deleted. In order to rectify this error please right click on the keywords that are mentioned in the error messages and modify the validity period.