How to force a job to abort based in a variable precondition

Discussion created by Carlos_Pinho_8331 on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by Mark_Hadler_430

Can somebody help me, with the following request. 
I need to abort a job based in a variable precondition, I have created a user defined condition, but the best I can do, its to block the job.
Basically my variable returns three values:
1- Y - ok can execute the job
2- N - skip the job
3. X - I want the support team to add a row into a table to allow the VAR to return one of the above values Y or N.

I have been asked to configure the job to abort, since the support team is already used to it, instead of blocking. Because if they unblock the job... then it will create problems - due to the missing record - since it will trigger a process that should not be executed until the VAR returns Y or N.

Because I am newbie to UC4, can you please explain me it in detail, what I can do in order to abort it ?

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards