CONV_DATE does not accept date format YYYY_MM_DD_d

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Michael_Lowry
I’m writing a bit of AE scripting to check whether a desired job start time is between the current time and midnight, so that I know if a day must be added to the start date before executing the job. Here is the code:
:SET &START_TIME# = "03:10"
:PRINT "Today's date         : &START_DATE#"
:PRINT "Time until midnight  : &TIME_UNTIL_MIDNIGHT#"
:PRINT "Time until job start : &TIME_UNTIL_START#"
:  PRINT "Start time in current calendar day has already passed. Job will start tomorrow."
:PRINT "Job start date       : &START_DATE#"
When I run this script, the AE returns a runtime error:
8/15/2016 17:15:55 -  U00020341 Runtime error in object 'UC0.MAL.COMPARE_TIMES.SCRI', line '00017'. The format of date/period 'YYYY_MM_DD_D' is invalid.
It seems the CONV_DATE doesn’t like the date format YYYY_MM_DD_d. This date format is documented in the list of Date and Time Formats, and this specific format is required by http://docs.automic.com/documentation/AE/11.2/english/AE_WEBHELP/help.htm#ucaafh.htmACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT (specifically, in the Start time parameter).

Am I doing something wrong, or might this be a bug?