Installing agents on MS Windows Cluster

Discussion created by Michael_Wraa-Hansen_8334 on Aug 16, 2016
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I am requested to install Windows agents and MS SQL Server agents on four MS Windows clusters (thus eight agents in total) but as far as I can tell the installation documentation (I am using v10.0.2) only mentions cluster installation when it comes to the server part of AE.

I have several Windows agents of which some run on clusters where I have made a simple agent installation on the nodes and just use a hostgroup to refer to the cluster as a whole which seems to work. Whether this is the preferred way to do it I am not sure though.

Similarly I have a smaller number of MS SQL agents running on standalone MS SQL Server servers.

Can anyone point at a spot in the documentation telling how to install agents (both types) on clusters and what pros and cons there are in case I need to make a choice somewhere?

Thanks in advance!