Differences between XBP 2.0 and XBP 3.0 interface

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Aug 23, 2016
With XBP 2.0, Automic Interface was required in order to read events. In this case the Automic Program /SBB/UC4_CHECK_ENV was used to catch events.
This program throws the message "I020" with event id and event param.
The Automic (= SBB) interface was developed as a workaround because SAP XBP 2.0 cannot handle “get event” (used in report, which includes also the “event parameter”).

With XBP 3.0 Automic Interface is NOT required any more in order to catch events (The latest release of the XBP interface adds much new functionality and improvements over XBP 2.0.).
In this case no Automic Program is used therefore the message "I020" is not available any more.
Unfortunately SAP doesn’t provide any report … so we didn’t get the “event parameter”.

Extract of "Understanding the Different XBP Interface Releases":
The BC-XBP interface, which allows external process schedulers access to CCMS Background Processing components of SAP Systems, has gone through three major upgrades. The releases are named after their version numbers: BC-XBP 0.1, BC-XBP 1.0, BC-XBP 2.0 and BC-XBP 3.0. All four revisions of the interface require certification.

Since the BC-XBP 3.0 interface is quite complicated we will follow the course of history and discuss the oldest interface first and then present the additional functionality of the later versions.