Completely removing an RA agent

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RA agents essentially consist of 2 parts:

- binaries installed locally on the host, also known as the "core"
- a set of templates stored into the database, also known as the "solution". These templates contain models for the agent, connection object(s) and jobs.

To completely remove an RA agent and its templates, which means no more agents, jobs and connection objects can be created afterwards, you will have to remove both binaries and the templates stored in the DB.

1 - Removing the Agent & Core

  • Connect to Client 0 and go to "System Overview"
  • Stop the agent
  • Delete the agent
  • Then connect to the host and delete the agent's directory (binaries, libraries, temp...)

2 - Removing the solution (templates)

  • In Client 0 open an explorer window
  • Go to 'TEMPLATE' folder
  • Delete all entries that correspond to the solution - e.g. for RA FTP agent removeAGENT.FTPAGENT,JOBS.FTPAGENT.FTPJOBandJOBS.FTPAGENT.FTPJOB
  • Please beextremely carefulwhen performing those steps, as this folder also contains templates are part of the initial data!
  • Go to 'RA solution' folder and remove the entry that corresponds to the solution - 'FTPAGENT' in our example.
  • You may still recover deleted files from the<No Folder>until the next maintenance is performed.