How to Use the Output Scan

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Aug 24, 2016
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Scenario:  You want to scan for a particular return code in your job report (REP) and based on that value, you want to manipulate it to do a specific action.

Purpose:  This how-to tutorial will provide an example to demonstrate a basic set up of how to use the output scan in your job.


1. Job A has a command in the Process tab:


2. When I execute this job, I want it to search for a return code 0 in the job report.  To do this, set up a Filter:


For details on the report types, please refer to our documentation.

3. Enable the Output Scan tab in your job:


4.  Setup the Output Scan to use the Filter created in step 2. In this example, I want Job A to execute Job B if the return code is 0 in Job A's job report.


For more details on the Output Scan fields, please refer to our documentation.

5. Now execute Job A.  It scanned the job report, saw there's a return code of 0, and kicked of Job B: