How to use the Compatibility Checker the best way?

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Aug 25, 2016
Very often you face the question "i have to update my machines to a new OS but is my automic agent still able to run on it?"

You easily can find out by using the compatibility checker, but beside the valuable info contained in, there might be questions how to get your answers, if you dont get the desired answer there, these i try to answer with some best practice:

The best way how to use the compatibility checker is to select the necessary component and the version you are currently running your system on, and check if the compatibility is given. If yes, you are fine. If no, in next step, check the latest servicepack of the Version you are using, and if its not listed there, check the latest Version at all.


you are running a 10.0.6 Windows Agent, checking if it is compatible with Windows 8
Compatibility Checker selected Version 10.0.6 says it is not supported
Next step would be, selecting the latest Servicepack of Version 10 in compatibility checker (Version 10.0.8 for the time being)
Seeing that it is also not supported there, you can also check if it is supported in the very latest Version (Version 11.2.2 for the time being)
seeing that it is supported then. From that information you can see what you have to do, to run the component on the operating system you desire.


Q: What if i m using a Version not listed on the compatibility checker? (e.g. Version 10.0.4)
A: The compatibility Checker is a new tool, we did not migrate all compatibility lists to it, only from 10.0.6 and more actual (and 9.00A SP13) If you are running an older component, please check if you have the documentation available of that version, The Compatibility is listed there in Administration Manual > Installation

Q: What if the desired Version of Operating System is not listed at all?
A: First of all, make sure that the Version is alredy out official (Automic considers not to support Beta or Pre-Release Versions of any Operating Systems before they are released officially) If the Official Release already taken place, you can either place a supportcall, or a community post to get an answer.

Q: What if a Operating System Version is supportet in a more recent Version than i am running on, but not on mine?
A: This has to be decided case by case. To have a rough estimation if the compatibility is given on a older than the most recent version you can check the Lifecycle Matrix of our Products: 


As log as the Product is within regular Maintenance (not critical) a Request about supporting that Platform with our Software totally makes sense. If it is out of Maintenance and/or out of Support, a Request like this will very likely not be fulfilled.

Q: What if the requested Operating System is not listed at all? E.g. Apple IOS as Automation Engine Platform, or MYSQL as Automic Database?
A: in this case, you can open a suggestion for an enhancement via ideas.automic.com to place your desire.

NOTE: you can discuss this request beforehand with the forum community here to see if it has a stable majority and if it gets positive response, you can rely on this when opeining this suggestion for enhancement.