Setting AgentGroup (HOSTG) Job Behavior

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Aug 30, 2016
Hello Automic Community!

I have received many questions regarding the usage of AgentGroups and what kind of behavior can be expected during job execution when a AgentGroup is assigned instead of a single agent.

The AgentGroup object is a very powerful tool to help create a more dynamic automation process. You have the ability to run a job or workflow across a group of agents instead of executing a separate job/workflow for each agent. When an AgentGroup is assigned, the Automation Engine will run the job/workflow for all the agents for you.

There are few options which govern how the Automation Engine handles which agent to execute against first and how to deal with agents which are offline at the time of execution. You can find these options in the "Mode" options listed on the "AgentGroup" tab of the AgentGroup object. Below is a link to the documentation explaining all settings with the AgentGroup (HOSTG) object.

Questions we receive are typically on how to ensure no agents are being skipped if they happen to be offline at the time of execution. Selecting "ALL" will run the job/workflow on all agents listed that are online. If you would like the job/workflow to execute against all online agents AND wait for offline agents to come back online so they can be executed against, you will need to select "Force Complete Broadcast".

I hope this has been helpful!