AS400 - Using UCEX_RUN versus STRUCAGENT

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Aug 30, 2016
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Hello Automic Community!

I recently received some information during troubleshooting that I believe may be useful to others who are using AS400 in their environment. 

Our recommendation is to use UCEX_END and UCEX_RUN to control the Agent Process. STRUCAGENT is the native instruction delivered by AUTOMIC. From what we have experienced, when you use STRUCAGENT to start an AS400 agent, the process will actually submit into the QBATCH jobqueue, which is a default jobqueue. This Jobqueue is part of the subsystem QBATCH, and the QBATCH jobqueue is limited to 1 job at a time. Once the agent has started, its job will remain in this queue and could possibly interfere with other jobs that may use QBATCH. This is why we recommend not using STRUCAGENT.

To avoid this problem, we use UCEX_RUN (compiled CLP) to start the agent process, because the job will then be submitted in the jobqueue QYSYS/QSYSNOMAX which has an unlimited job queue with no risk of interfering with other processes.

I hope this helps!