Completed SAP Process Chains not marked Complete in Automation Engine

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Aug 30, 2016
Hello Automic Community!

We continue to receive occasional questions with SAP process chains not being marked complete in the Automation Engine. This behavior is caused by the STATUSRETRY value in the SAP agent .ini file. Below is a full description of what this value is for and how to resolve the issue of process chains not being marked complete.


JOBS within SAP are consistently finishing within SAP and staying active within Automic for a period of time before also completing successfully. This happens consistently to the same JOBS, but not necessarily all SAP JOBS within the system.


This is caused due to a STATUSRETRY value being set within the SAP JOBS in Automic. This will cause the Automation Engine to poll for a period of x minutes (where x is the value set in STATUSRETRY) to confirm the status in SAP. This is noted within our documentation:

Due to a special SAP behavior, process chains can show the status "ended" for a short time but continue afterwards. The agent reports this process chain as ended if it has retrieved its status exactly at this point in time. Use the parameter STATUSRETRY= to prevent that the end of a process chain is reported too early. You can determine the number of repeated status checks with this parameter. Only after n repetitions, the UC4 Automation Engine will be informed that the process has ended. 


Remove or reduce the value in STATUSRETRY within the affected JOBS.