:REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE causes job to hang in Generating status if started as normal user.

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Michael_Lowry
I have encountered a problem with a particular UNIX job in Automation Engine version is 11.2.1 HF1. The job runs fine if executed as a system admin user with broad authorizations. However, if a normal user executes the job, it hangs indefinitely in the Generating state. I isolated the problem to a :REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE command in the job’s process tab.

A job with only this single line is sufficient to cause the problem:
:REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE "/tmp/testfile1.txt", "Y"
The job runs fine when started by an administrator, but if run as a normal user, the job simply hangs forever in the Generating status. I must override the status manually (as an admin) in order to deactivate it. No authorization error (or any other error) appears. Other jobs run fine on this agent and with the same login object, regardless of whether started as an administrator or as a normal user. It makes no difference whether the second argument to :REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE is set to Y or N. It also makes no difference whether Generate at runtime is enabled on the job. Also, REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE.UNIX has no customizations; that is, it is the original JOBI provided via the AE v11.2.1 HF1 initial data.

Any ideas?