Guide to configure HTTPS in ARA Version 6

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This is setup guide for HTTPS in ARA Version 6. It was created by DEV-Team in our confluence page. They asked me to publish this, in case you have any obstacle to setup HTTPS, you can use this as reference.


This documentation is about guide user to config system to run both ECC and BOND through Https.

To make ECC and BOND run through Httpss user needs:

  • Enable Https for ECC in Tomcat.
  • Enable Https for BOND in IIS (Internet Information Services).
  • Add BOND's certificate to Trust Store of Tomcat's JVM (Tomcat which run ECC).
  • Add BOND's certificate to Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) run ECC.

The details steps and screenshots were included in the PDF attachments. (ARA_Https_configuration.pdf)

Please kindly check the PDF and feel free to ask if you have any concern.

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