The COLD start 'HOT' topic

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Sep 7, 2016
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Just a few considerations about the COLD start.

What is a COLD start ?
> A COLD start will clear out the MQ (Message Queue) tables, that are used by server processes (CPs and WPs).

When should a COLD start be performed ?
> Usually after updating the Automation Engine server (binaries and database).
> Sometimes, old messages can be left in the MQ tables causing the Automic system to not be able to start correctly, or freeze.  The most common reason for this is if the Automic system has been brought down ungracefully.

Does a COLD start impact task processing?
> All tasks which were executing any script (status: "generating", "post-processing", etc.) will be in status "inconsistent" after the cold start.
> All "open" statistic records (without end - timestamp) will be checked. If they are no longer in activity window they will get a end time stamp.

How to perform a cold start ?
> I listed 3 different ways of doing it in this post.

Special thanks to Josef_Scharl_103 who gave me some insights before writing this post.

Please feel free to share your experience  / knowledge over the cold start...