During a Downtime of Database, Automation Engine or both, what is going to run and what not?

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What is a Downtime in that meaning?

In that case the Downtime is a wanted or unwanted switch off of Database, Automationengine or both.

In fact, for the current production it does not make much difference if the Automation Engine is switched off, or the Automation Engine is still active but the Database behind it is inresponsive. In both cases the System behaives in the same way.

What runs during this situation?

If a Job on an Agent was triggered (in Status Active) before the Automation Engine was switched off, or the Database got inaccessible (wanted or unwanted) the Job itself will run further on the Agent. The Agent will re-connect to the system as soon as it is available again.

Usage of utilities can also be possible, depending on which component is switched off. If the Database is accessible and only the Automation Engine is switched off, you can access the utilities and use them.

What does not run during this Situation?

Thats important! During the Downtime of course the Automation Engine is inresponsive, so any scheduled task, from Schedule Object, Periodical Job Start, Event... will not trigger, and it will also not start after the system gets responsive again. Activities which are supposed to run during the downtime, will skip these activities.


A Task is running hourly, every 15. minute of an hour: 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, 12:15, ....

Now you schedule a Downtime between 10:00 and 12:00, the next execution will be at 12:15, the executions for 10:15 and 11:15 will not be triggered as soon as the system is available again.


How to avoid this?

Basically there is no "real" way to avoid this, If the Automation Engine or the Database is down, the Automation Engine can not trigger any jobs. However, if this is a planned downtime, you could run a Autoforecast for the time of your planned outage, get the list of tasks which are supposed to run during the downtime, and consider which of these tasks you need to re-run after the system is responsive again.