How to download Agent log from a AS400 system

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AS400 has its own object hierarchy. Files are mambers, stored in physical files that are created inside a library. For example a AS400 agent creates, feeds and handle his log files as member (UCEX_LOG0*) in the File TMP, itself created in a library for example UC4V11.

To sum up libraries, can be considered as directories, physical files as sub-directories, and members as conventional files.

If you want to retrieve the log files simply open a ftp connection to the AS400 in a DOS-Box.
Browse to the installation library of the AS400 agent

cd UC4V11

if you run a dir you wil get


25 List started.
DFTOWN       1290240 08/31/16 02:00:21 *FILE      TMP
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG00
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG01
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG02
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG03
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG04
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG05
DFTOWN                                 *MEM       TMP.UCEX_LOG06
50 List completed.

Actually the AS400 naming rule of a member is <FILENAME>.<MamaberName>.

Retrieve all members

mput TMP.U*

Confirm each download with 'y'

These objects will be locally transferred on your local workstation and are now ready to be analyzed!!