How to install ARA Agent and make it works as Deployment Target

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This guide will help you to install an agent and configure it as deployment target in ARA:

1. Go to download Center: downloads.automic.com and find the appropriate version of Agent and download.

2. Visit the online document to know how to install an agent on different OS:

3. Login in client 0 in User Interface of Automation Engine and make sure that the agent is up and running, it must be also assigned to the working client in ARA:


4. Login into ARA and go to the Release Automation --> Deployment Targets --> Create:

5. When you click on create, you can choose the type of Deployment Targets, Please make sure that you assign the Agent to the correct environment and in the Agent/Group choose the Agent you just installed.

6. The credential of this agent, you can click on Settings and choose the Logins:

Here you can create a new one Credential or edit the old one:


Please feel free to comment here if you have any Question: