How to setup LDAP Sync with ARA

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This guide will help you setup your LDAP Sync to synchronize user from LDAP Server to ARA.

1. Visit download center (downloads.automic.com) and download the latest LDAP Sync Version.

2. Go to the LDAP Sync Folder and edit the LDAPSync.xml

An example of LDAPSync.xml as below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Configuration>     <Connection serverName="vvnatadmincloud" directoryType="AD" url="" useSSL="false" connectionTimeout="0" readTimeout="120" searchTimeout="60" username="CN=administrator,CN=Users,DC=citest,DC=com" password="--1032221c3c97b138e727f187ac730633ed"/>      <AE cp="NB080022:2217" username="0/UC/UC" password="--10720edf173f2e9eec"/>      <Clients path="clients" default="defaults.xml"/>         </Configuration>
3. The password will be automatically encrypt. 

4. Create an example User Group in ARA, (Go to Administrator tab in Web Interface), Add User Group (e.g: name it SUP for example). 


5. Modify the defaults.xml (//LDAP.Sync/clients). Make sure that the ARA Url is the same, as in customer.config in ECC Folder. Example of defaults.xml as below:

<Configuration>   <Schema baseDN="OU=1k,DC=citest,DC=com" userDN="" groupDN=""/>   <UserSchema userFilter="(&amp;(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=*))" userNameAttribute="uid" userFirstNameAttribute="givenName" userLastNameAttribute="sn" userEmailAttribute="mail"/>   <GroupSchema groupFilter="(objectClass=group)" groupNameAttribute="cn"/>   <AE userDomain="NND" autoDeactivateUsers="true"/>   <GroupMappings>     <map ae="SUP" ldap="10"/>   </GroupMappings>   <ARA enabled="true" url="http://VVNSUPWIN02/ARA" username="100/NND/NND" password="--10f451fb74970a47e7"/> </Configuration>
6. Go to the LDAP.SYNC folder, open the console and execute the following command: java -jar ldapsync.jar -cl 100  
7. Go back to the Administrator tab in Web Interface, check the User Management (User) Tab, you will find that the LDAP user has been synced to the ARA database.