Explanation of error message U0029007 Not all blocks (Limit '120') have been transferred

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I have found that many customers face this error message and i would like to share a description of the underlying issue. 

Detailed Description and Symptoms
The following message is found in the Messages window:
U0029007 Not all blocks (Limit '120') have been transferred from file 'A806.UC4.TEMP.OAADERTG.TXT'.

By default, Automic will only return about 960,000 bytes of a job report. This protects Automic from a runaway job that produces a huge output, possible due to an error, or a core dump returned as a job report and stored in the Automic database. The output is retained on the system where the job was executed.
The 2 variables that control this are stored in the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT in client 00. They are MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE. MAX_REPORT_SIZE is the number of blocks, specified in REPORT_BLKSIZE, that are transferred back to the Automic database.
The message you are getting indicates that a job with an output greater that the maximum was processed and not returned to Automic. Check the output on the respective system for the job report/output. There is no problem here from the Automic perspective

If you frequently have job reports that are larger than the default and do not indicate a problem, and you want all of the data stored in Automic, then adjust either or both parameters previously listed to accommodate the reports.
Edit the variable UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT in client 0.
Adjust the Validity Keywords MAX_REPORT_SIZE or REPORT_BLKSIZE (or both) to a larger Value.
MAX_REPORT_SIZE has an acceptable range of 1-10000 (default 120) blocks
REPORT_BLKSIZE has an acceptable range of 1-8000 (default 8000) bytes
Otherwise you can set these values temporarily by the specific agent in the agent properties.