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How CPU and DB score are calculated?
20160927/020014.904 - 20151109/112043.010 - U0003533 UCUDB: Check of data source finished: No errors. Performance CPU/DB: '27106541'/'79'
20160927/020014.904 - 20151109/112043.010 - U0003544 UCUDB: Reference values tested with Windows 2003 on XEON 1500 MHz: CPU 813865, DB 470

The first value is produced by adding 1+1+1+1+1.... for 1 second.
The second value is produced by writing one sentence in a specific table, do a rollback, try to read it. After that it goes again, write, rollback, read,... Here we do this also for one second.

So all in all, if the value is higher, it is a good performance, the low it is, it is worse performance.