U00020554 Data sequence couldn't be written into a file. Agent HOSTG.*** isn't active at the moment

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We've had a user where their task was failing with U00020554 Data sequence couldn't be written into a file. Agent 'HOSTG.xxxx' isn't active at the moment even though the HostGroup is active, and they have access to this.

The object was using a HostGroup in the WRITE_PROCESS, and WRITE_PROCESS does not support HostGroup.


where HOSTG.HOSTS is a host group.

Some workaround you can apply:

a) Use a Host

b)  Use a VARA that holds a list of hosts, then retrieve it using a key (key can be client, client+system_name, etc)

In the example below, the client number is the key.

:set &client# = &$client# 
:set &client# = format(&client#) 
:print client is &client# 

:SET &HOSTVALUE# = get_var(VARA.HOSTS,&client#) 

:SET &HND# = PREP_PROCESS_FILENAME("VWASWV11U02_OS_01","C:\automic\v112u\automationengine\bin\*.exe",,,,"COL=DELIMITER","DELIMITER=*\*","UC_LOGIN=@AUTOMIC_LOGINS")